Changes to Japan Post EMS mailing

Japan Post has installed new procedures for mailing IMS Parcels.

The first time is a real bear to figure out but it gets easier the more you use it. Basically the sender constructs a file for the recipient. This file contains name, address and list of contents. Before going to the post office the sender must print out four pages dispatch documents. There will be a bar code on the front page. For a box of Grandma’s cookies to the grandkids in Florida it is fairly easy. For commercial quantities things get confusing and anything over 200,000 Yen in value you need a power of attorney sheet.

Once you have the data base set up the next mailing to the same recipient is as easy as point and click. The lists of contents remain in the file so you only need to change quantity, price or just delete things not being shipped or add new ones.

There is a way to do this on the smartphone and then use the printer at the post office. I have yet to try that avenue.

NOTE 1: The documents that you print out (labels) need to be stuffed into a plastic pouch that attaches to the parcel. These pouches are not available at the post office. You must order on line and have them shipped to your address. No fee. Takes about a week.

NOTE 2: This effort was started late by the local post office and they are trying to catch up. I now notice the implementation date has changed from January 2020 to January 2021.

NOTE 3: This info is not all inclusive You must visit the Japan Post website to initiate your info.

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